Aurélien Roux

Université de Genève

Aurélien Roux is an assistant professor in the department of Biochemistry, University of Geneva.

Convinced that soft-matter physics could provide interesting tools and concepts for the understanding of living cell processes, he always tried to be at the interface between physics and biology. During his Ph.D., he chose to work in both cell biology and physics labs on the theme of membrane intracellular traffic.

His main interest is to understand how protein and lipid assemblies coordinate to perform cell functions involving membranes: endocytosis, cell division, cell migration and others. These functions are based on essential physico-chemical abilities of membranes: deformation, fusion, fission, fluidity and permeability. He intends to understand how proteins exploit the peculiar physical properties of lipid membranes in order to proceed with their function.,87.html

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