Joseph Jacobson

MIT Media Lab

Prof. Joseph Jacobson, head of the Media Lab’s Molecular Machines research group, is working to reinvent microelectronics by developing processes for directly and continuously printing communication, computation, and displays onto arbitrary substrates. He received a PhD in physics from MIT and was a postdoctoral fellow in physics at Stanford.
His group at MIT is focused on pioneering the field of Avogadro Scale Engineering with applications in novel computing machines and synthetic biology. Joe received his PhD in Physics from MIT and was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford in the area of Quantum Optics. He is the recipient of a 1999 Technology Review TR100 Award for Innovation, The 2000 Gutenberg Prize, a 2001 Discover Award and 2013 Wilhelm Exner Medal. He was inducted into US Inventor Hall of Fame. He has authored over 70 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings in the fields of femotosecond lasers, quantum optics, molecular electronics, nano-chemistry and synthetic DNA and over 80 patents and pending patents. In the private sector Joe was co-founder of E Ink, Kovio and Gen9 and was a founding board member of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). He invented parallel gene synthesis technology that enables to make long gene clusters and genomes at affordable cost, a few cents per base pair.

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