Robbie Loewith

Université de Genève

Robbie Loewith is full professor in the Department of Molecular Biology, University of Geneva. His group uses chemical genetic approaches in yeast to dissect complex signalling pathways conserved in all eukaryotes. His team’s long-term aim is to understand the regulation of eukaryote cell growth. Central to this regulation is the Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) protein kinase. Conserved from yeast to man, TOR regulates virtually all aspects of cell growth in response to cell-extrinsic environmental cues and cell-intrinsic homeostatic cues. Presently they focus on understanding how these cues are sensed, how subsequent signals are propagated and how these signals ultimately alter cell growth.

Several awards rewarded his work : Prix Leenaards for scientific research promotion (2007-2010), ERC Starting Grant (2008),  Project Leader in Chemical Biology at the National Centers of Competence in Research in 2010 and ERC Consolidator Grant (2014).

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