The fifth International Conference on Proteins and Peptides, Structure, Function, and Biotechnology, co-organized by Menicon, MIT, and the University of Geneva, represents a collaborative effort of exceptional scientific caliber, aimed at highlighting the latest advancements in the field of peptides and proteins and biotechnologies. This seminal event is the result of a nearly 20-year-long partnership between Dr. Mouad LAMRANI, former Dean of a French Ivy League School of Engineering and current Director of Menicon R&D Innovation Centre in Geneva, and Professor Shuguang ZHANG, Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Self-Assembly at CBA, Media Lab at MIT.

At the forefront of medical and technological advancements, the study of proteins and peptides has resulted in significant discoveries across various fields, including vaccination, the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease, oncology, and drug tolerance. During the conference, renowned experts from around the world will present their latest findings on protein structure, protein interaction and identification, and innovative methods of peptide engineering.

Starting from the 4th edition, the conference will also feature a special session dedicated to Ophthalmology, with a focus on ocular surface diseases, biomarkers, innovative diagnoses, and treatments. The session will be divided into two parts:

Morning Session: “Ocular Surface – Comfort and Tears,” which will explore topics such as ocular surface diseases, comfort management, dry eye management, and contact lenses.

Afternoon Session: “Ocular Diseases – Diagnosis and Treatment,” including discussions on innovative biomarker sensing technologies, statistical analysis dos and don’ts, and cutting-edge ocular treatment research.

The Scientific Committee extends a warm invitation for you to join this esteemed gathering of leading experts in the field of proteins and peptides and to gain valuable insights into the latest breakthroughs in this dynamic and rapidly advancing field.

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