8:30 – 9:15 Registration / Opening Remarks
9:15 – 12:00


12:00 – 13:00 Lunch/Self-assembly
13:00 – 18:00 


Poster Sessions

19:00 -21:00 Welcome Cocktail


 9:00 – 12:00


12:00 – 13:00 Lunch/Self-assembly
13:00 – 18:00


Poster Session

9:00 – 12:00


12:00 – 13:00


Group Picture

13:30 – 17:30


19:30 – 23:00 Gala Dinner
9:00 – 11:45


11:45 – 12:00 Final Remarks

The  topics to be presented

Ada Yonath : From origin of life to next generation therapeutics

Tom Blundell: To be announced

Li-Huei Tsai: To be announced

Alan Fersht:  From engineering mutations to study folding and stability to drugging p53 oncogenic mutants

Reiko Kuroda: Mechanical manipulation and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing of snail embryos change righties into lefties

Ed Boyden: Optical Tools for Analyzing and Repairing Biological Systems

Erling Norrby: The early history of the discovery of atypical infectious agents, the prions.

Kohji Mitsubayashi: Noninvasive medical sensing in human cavities such as the lacrimal sac

Maria Masucci: Host cell remodeling by herpes virus encoded deconjugases

Uwe Sleytr: S-Layers: Principles and Applications

Ingemar Ernberg: Living things are made up of networks of complex systems –consequencies for the understanding of origin of life and cancer biology and for drug development

Chris Tate: Activation mechanism of the Class D fungal GPCR dimer Ste2.

Philip Messersmith: Sequence and Length Dependence of Catecholamine Peptide Adhesion

Daniela Rhodes: Looking backwards and looking forward: the role of G-quadruplexes in biology

Philip Morgan: Understanding contact lens discomfort

Daniela Nosch: Ocular Surface Sensitivity in Contact Lens Wear

Hiroshi Fukumura: Materials development for NIR bioimaging: application of perovskites

Pernilla Wittung Stafshede: Amyloids of Parkinson’s disease protein α-synuclein: mechanisms and reactivity

Ehud Gazit:Peptide and Metabolite Self-Assembly: Physiology, Pathology and Nanotechnology

Anna Mitraki: Protein and peptide biomaterials based on natural viral fibrous folds

Sarah Morgan: Current contact lens practice

Lihi Adler- Abramovich: Biomaterials for Biomedical Applications

Martin Egli: Targeting the RNA pol-associated translocase Mfd to inhibit antibiotic resistance 

Paula da Fonseca: Exploring the intricate regulation of the human 26S proteasome

Marika Rioult:  Bringing therapeutic peptides from the university lab to the market

Yoshito Tomimaru: Self-assembling peptide hydrogel SPG-178 for preventing postoperative pancreatic fistula

Martina Kropp: Induced PEDF and GM-CSF overexpression to inhibit neovascularization and inflammation to treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration – a personalized, non-viral gene therapy approach –

Donald Harn: (RADA)4 based VacSIM® delivery can reduce doses and improve vaccine efficacy 

Stefan Wölfl: Proline hydroxylation a metabolic switch linking protein structure with interactions and stability

Steve Newman: Human Vision, a look into the Myopia story 

Howard Riezman: Chemical biology tools to study lipid metabolism and function

Bruno Correia: Expanding the Universe of Functional Proteins by Computational Design

Raz Zarivach: Structure-function studies of iron biomineralization systems toward proteins-iron oxide interaction

Vladimir Katanaev: Targeting Wnt signaling in cancer with selective small molecule inhibitors

Iftach Yacoby: Uncovering the glass ceiling of ambient H2 production from green algae

Andrew Marshall: Why aren’t there more novel peptide therapies on the market?

Mikhail Kryuchkov: Biomimetic nanostructures – the new look in contact lens care.

Bowen Zhao: To be announced

Eva Smorodina: Redundancy, sensitivity, and predictability of developability parameters in natural, patent-submitted, and clinical-stage antibodies. 

Shuguang Zhang: The Simple QTY Code for Protein Design

Mouad Lamrani: To be announced


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