Mikhail Kryuchkov

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Mikhail Kryuchkov completed his PhD degree in Life science at the University of Lausanne. Currently, he is a researcher in the Katanaev laboratory at the University of Geneva.
His research is focused on the reproduction of incest cuticle nanocoatings. It was shown that such nanostructures are formed by a self-assembly mechanism and contain protein as a major component. The possibility of using a protein to produce nanocoatings makes it possible to apply modern biotechnology methods to this protocol. This will open the opportunity not only to create cheap and environmentally friendly nanostructured surfaces with such desired properties as reduced light reflection, hydrophobicity and bactericidal properties but also to supplement them by modifying the protein. The modifications such as affinity tags, chemical labelling and fusion with enzymes allow the creation of metamaterials, semiconductors and materials for medical equipment and diagnostics based on nanostructured coatings.

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