P&P Conference organization will provide grants to students working in the field of proteins and peptides for assisting to the 3rd edition of P&P Conference and presenting their work during.

The grant will cover conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.


Recipients must be enrolled (full-time) in a graduate research (MSc, PhD or Post doc) degree program.

Students must be presenting a poster at the P&P 2018 conference.


The application form and requested documents must be submitted before 1st March 2018.

Opening of the grant application: 1st September 2017.

Notification and reimbursement

Applicants will be notified via email on the results of the grant application in April 2018. Conference registration will be automatically validated. Hotel reservation and fees will be managed by the conference organization. The reimbursement of travel expenses will be made on a posteriori basis upon submission of the vouchers.


Application form

Grant application deadline has expired.

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