Maria Masucci

Karolinska Institute

Prof. Maria Masucci’s lab studies viruses and the main virus model is EBV, a lymphotropic herpes virus that is associated with lymphoid and epithelial cell malignancies including Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL), nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), immunoblastic lymphoma (IL) and Hodgkin’s disease (HD).

Her lab studies the mechanism by which EBV proteins expressed in malignant cells modify the cellular environment and regulate the interaction of the infected cells with the host immune system.  She is a specialist skilled physician in oncology. She won many awards including Concern Foundation for Cancer Research, California, USA – Young investigator award; Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research – Senior Investigator award in Biomedical Sciences; Swedish Research Council – Award for excellence in medical research; Swedish medical association, Jubilee prize. She is a EMBO member since 2005. Prof. Masucci was elected in 2006 as Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Nobel Assembly for physiology and medicine (since 2003) and a member of Nobel Committee for Physiology and Medicine (2003, 2005-2007).

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