Karl-Heinz Krause

Genève University Hospitals

Karl-Heinz Krause is full professor at the Department of Pathology and Immunology, Geneva Medical Faculty. He is a trained specialist in internal medicine and infectious diseases and has clinical affiliations with the Geneva University Hospitals.
His research is centered onmolecular mechanisms and therapy of age-related diseases. One of his main field of research is reactive oxygen species (ROS)-generating NADPH oxidases with a particular focus on their impact in the physiological function and pathologies of the central nervous system. The second axis of research is centered on in-vitro and in-vivo applications of stem cells.  Karl-Heinz Krause has also been active in the biotechnology field. He is inventor on numerous patents. He is also founder of several start-up companies, including GENKYOTOX (development of NADPH oxidase inhibitors), Neurix (pluripotent stem cell-based development of neural cells and tissues for investigation of neuroactive and neurotoxic compounds) and Transcure (stem cell-based humanized mouse models).

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