Ingemar Ernberg

Karolinska Institute

Prof. Ingemar Ernberg’s group focuses on experimental systems and clinical collaborations to understand better the connection between infections and cancer in man. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the most common virus in man and at the same time associated with a dozen tumors in man.

His lab studies viral and cellular genes involved in tumor-genicity and cell-cell interactions. His lab also works with bioinformatics and computational tools in cancer and infections, designated the Biocomplexity group, collaborating with the Royal School of Technology (KTH). He is also developing tools to allow comparisons of the normal flora of the gut. Professor Ingemar Ernberg’s has long-time history collaboration with China’s hospitals and training Chinese medical scientists. Thus China presented its highest distinction for foreign scientists: National Friendship Award. Prof. Ernberg starred in the 2010 Lennart Nilsson and Mikael Agaton TV documentary Journey to the core of life.  Prof. Ernberg in 2005 initiated “What’s Life” lecture series and brings outstanding scientists from many disciplines to present their view of “What’s Life”.

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