Ingemar Ernberg

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Ingemar Ernberg is professor of Tumor Biology. He made his PhD thesis at Karolinska Institutet with George Klein in 1979, finished his MD in 1984, studied abroad in Omaha, Nebraska 1986 and at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK 1988-1990. He was secretary of science at the Swedish Cancer Society 1983-93. He was the first chair of the new department Microbiology and Tumorbiology Center (MTC) of Karolinska 1993-1999. He is now the chairperson for the Karolinska Institute (KI) Precision Cancer Medicine (PCM) program. He is co-director of Cancer Center Karolinska (CCK), while he heads his research group of 10 at MTC. He has been running the lecture and course series “What is life? The future of Biology” at Karolinska Institutet för 18 years.

Ingemar Ernberg’s work has dealt with tumor viruses in man, cancer genetics, lymphoma biology, transcritional regulation (HIV, EBV) and epigenetics (methylation). One seminal discovery established that the B-lymphocyte is the site of EBV-latency in vivo (Gratama et al, PNAS, 1988), another one on the regulation of EBV by epigenetic methylation. More recent interests have dealt with genomic signatures and global gene expression profiles, as well as designing methods to allow quick analysis of the gut normal flora. This has led to an increasing interest in tissue biology, self-organization of biological systems and the possibilities and limits of simulations in silico as an additional scientific tool.

Contact Info:
Ingemar Ernberg
Dept of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC); Karolinska Institutet; Biomedicum Q8Q; S-171 77 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Mobile: +46 70 5467636

Higher education qualification(s): 1973, MD, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; 1979, PhD, Karolinska Institutet
Previous positions and periods of appointment: 1993-99 chairman (Prefekt) , Microbiology & Tumor Biology Center (MTC), Karolinska Institutet 1991-95 Lecturer/assoc professor in Virology, Dept of Virology, KI and Microbiology & Tumor Biology Center (MTC), KI; 1990 Lecturer/assoc professor, Experimental Pathology, Uppsala (on leave); 1984-88 Researcher, position from Swedish Cancer Society; 1983-84 Internship Surgery & Medicine, Danderyds hospital, Stockholm;1978-83 Lecturer/vice dean for graduate training, KI; 1974-78
Administrative posts: 1984-93 Scientific Secretary, Swedish Cancer Society; 1996-2002 Vice President and President, International Association for Research on Esptein-Barr Virus and Related Diseases; Karolinska Institutet: 1982-85 Medical faculty Board committee; 1979-82 Medical faculty recruitment committee; 1978-1984 Director for Post- Graduate studies: 1999-2003 Chairman Steering Group “Proteomics Analysis Facility”; 2003- 2007; Chairman KICancer steering group 2004 -2019; Coordinator KI-China 2003 -2015; Chair KI committee of Cultural Affairs 2014 -; Member Board of Directors Cancer Core Europe 2015 –2020; Board member Cancer Research KI 2019 – ; Chairman PCM program 2015- 8; Co-director Cancer Center Karolinska 2019 –
Supervision of PhD students: 29 PhD students have finished; two still in studies 9.
Distinction and Awards 2007 P.R. of China award for International Cooperation in Science and Technology; 2021 and 2007 PR China. National friendship Award; 2009 Honorary President of China Medical Association of Sweden; 2004 Engelhardt Memorial Lecture, Moscow; 2003 Jan Pontén memorial lecture, Swedish Medical association meeting; 1988-89 Wellcome Trust Fellowship Award; 1977-79 Fellowship, Cancer Research Institute, New York;
Publications overview. Total 281 publications; 10 310 citations; 40,43 average citation; h-Index = 53. Co-authored ten books (Popular science, Text books Oncology and Virology, most recent Rethinking Cancer MIT Press 2021).

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